Game Loop Mostly Finished

I’ve been hard at work on the Bird Chess (tori shogi) game, all week. I typed my fingers raw, braving carpal tunnel and coder’s block. Waking at odd hours of the night and morning just to fit a few more LOC’s in.

And what do I have to show for it?

I’ve finished hooking up the interface for the first AI. Also, I’ve got most of the initial game loop finished. And I managed to detect wins.

This all means that I can now play a game against a partially implemented AI. Neither the AI or I actually play by the rules, but one of us wins every time.

Okay. I win every time. I may have “forgotten” to tell the AI it is supposed to capture the Phoenix to win the game 😉 But, the AI has fun capturing swallows while I win.

There is still tons of work to do, though. My next step is to revisit the computer-generated, optimized, moves arrays. That will allow me to enforce most of the rules of the game. The moves arrays are likely to take me well into December.

Keep checking back for my tori shogi progress.

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