Alpha-Beta Pruning Finished

I’m still hard at work on the Tori Shogi web app. The game AI is moving along nicely. My big accomplishment for this week is that I finished a generic ClojureScript Alpha Beta Pruning library for use with the Tori Shogi game and other games that I write later on.

Alpha Beta Pruning is built on the MinMax algorithm. MinMax is a Game Theory methodology for figuring out the best move in two-player games of perfect information. I’ve only written unit tests for three plies. I’ll do deeper tests later on and then move on to refine and optimize the Alpha Beta Pruning with some extra improvements when I write the more advanced AI’s.

Yeah, … I’m sure that is all exciting and all. However, the point is that the Bird Shogi game is moving along now that I have this important part of the first AI finished. Keep checking back for more information on my Tori Shogi progress.

Also, if you are a Clojure / ClojureScript geek who wants to get ahold of my source for the Alpha Beta Pruning library, check over at I’m sure I’ll post more information there once I have the source up on GitHub.

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